Monday, December 10, 2012

A year later...

So, it has been like a year since I last posted on my blog. (I am exaggerating, like 6 months) I am not sure why I haven't kept it up. I did become pregnant a month and a half after my last post and that might have contributed to my lack of interest in blogging. This pregnancy has been even more fun than the first! I am so very grateful to have another blessing in my tummy...but being pregnant just doesn't agree with me. I am still throwing up every other day. I get migraines and headaches often as well. I am large and in charge. Much like last time, people ask me if I am pregnant with multiples or if I am due in a week. Nope folks! Just huge! So, I am very, very anxious to give birth this time. I want April to get here now!!

Gracelyn is very excited to become a big sister and talks about "her baby" or "her sister" often. Her favorite things in the world are her dolls and babies. So this is like a dream come true for her. I am so excited for her to have a sister. I love my own sister so much and I am glad my girls will always have each other! I know she is going to be a wonderful helper! She is already a pro at changing diapers. She has been using newborn diapers on her dolls for a year and has gotten really good at it! She helped me change my neice's diaper a couple of weeks ago...and really I just helped a little. I was shocked at how well my "little mommy" did.

Ben was understandably a little bummed to find out number 2 was another girl. But the thing is...he is soo good with Gracelyn. I think he is a really, really good "girl dad". If he does convince me to do this again...which is questionable at this point...maybe it will be a boy. But, if it isn't...I think I know why. Some men are just made to be fathers to little girls and I think I married one :-)

So, maybe I will continue to update this blog..after all I do enjoy reading everyone else's! I can't wait for Christmas! It is one hundred percent my favorite time of the year....and it also means that I am a little more than 3 months away from meeting my little girl! I cannot wait! I will leave you with a couple pics of my adorable oldest daughter..
Como Zoo - Summer 2012
First Dance Recital!
Trip to Door County for my Dad's 60th birthday!

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Brittany said...

I'm glad that you finally updated, lady! Thanks for the shout-out... I love you too! :) Can't wait to be around this spring for Little Sister's arrival!